‘This absolutely cracking debut novel from Lucy Saxon is a delicious cocktail incorporating steampunk, His Dark Materials and George Orwell’ SFX
‘A fab fantasy debut from an exciting young author’ Company
‘Adventure and romance, with plot twists keeping you hooked until the end’ Mail on Sunday
‘This book is a wild, vivid adventure set in a fantasy world. It’s fast-paced and packed full of tension from start to finish’ Kiss
‘A thrilling debut novel from an author whose career promises to go full-steam ahead. Lucy Saxon’s Take Back The Skies offers a solid world of political intrigue, twists, turns and dash of young love’ MuggleNet
‘This is a terrific SF YA novel which people of all ages will enjoy, because Lucy writes like a seasoned pro, and I can't wait for her second book!’ Books Monthly
‘Take Back the Skies is a brilliant debut and Lucy Saxon is definitely an author to keep your eye on!’ Uncorked Thoughts
‘Epic world-building fantasy’ Guardian
‘Christmas has come early for fans of the steampunk and cyberpunk genres. This novel offers you a healthy dose of both and will leave you feeling satisfied’ Inis Reading Guide 2015/16
‘Set in a fantasy world which is highly credible and descriptively portrayed, this exciting page-turner of an adventure grabs the reader’ Parents in Touch
‘More superb science fiction for YAs - Lucy takes elements of Star Wars and Star Trek and weaves them around a child's desperate hunt for something different... Brilliant!’ Books Monthly
‘Thrilling, edge-of-seat fantasy adventure’ Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books
‘The Almost King is vividly created, richly brought to life, imaginative, atmospheric and cinematic’ Reality’s a Bore
‘Thrilling and adventure packed . . . has the makings of a classic’ Serendipity Reviews

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