I’m the author of YA fantasy series 'The Tellus Series', with the third book 'The City Bleeds Gold' out now.

I’m twenty-two and living in Hertfordshire, UK with my family and our German Shepherd, Luna. 

I grew up in the tiny village of Little Hallingbury, spending my weekends and school breaks at my local riding stables practically from dawn ’til dusk between the ages of seven and twelve. I was in as many sports teams as I could possibly manage, playing tennis both for Sawbridgeworth Tennis Club and for Herts county for a brief stint. I went to Bishop’s Stortford College for the majority of my school career, though left after GCSEs as I was too unwell to continue on to do my A-Levels.

When I was twelve, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, at which point my life stopped being about horse riding and tennis and school and friends and all the other things a twelve year-old gets up to, and became more about sleeping and watching ridiculous amounts of television. I have since, thankfully, started to get my life back to including more things, though sleeping and television are still vital parts of my livelihood.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve, and first wrote TBtS when I was sixteen, for National Novel Writing Month 2011. I found an agent approximately six months later, and signed with Bloomsbury when I was seventeen, in January of 2013. TBtS was released on June 5th 2014, and I’m now a full-time writer.

I’m also an avid cosplayer and convention-goer, preferring to make my own costumes as much as I can. My cosplay photos and progress can be followed here. I spend a lot of my free time tabletop gaming,

hanging out on the internet, watching youtube videos, reading books, horse riding, watching television as previously mentioned, and generally procrastinating about actually writing.

Despite my many forms of time-wasting and avoidance, I’m currently working on writing the rest of the Tellus series. If you want to keep up with that progress, and follow anything else I’m up to, I spend far too much time on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

The City Bleeds Gold is out now in the UK! Buy your copy today